At J Stamp & Sons we have always tailored our pricing very much to the individual requirements of a family or to reflect the instructions or wishes left by the person who has died. Funeral arrangements can be as simple or involved as needed and the price of our services will reflect this.

We provide each family with :

  • A Verbal Estimate (at any time from your first contact with us, but more often after meeting with us to discuss the arrangements)
  • A Written Estimate (This is provided after meeting with us)
  • An Invoice (Usually between 7 and 10 days following a funeral)

All of the above will include a breakdown of the Third Party Fees that we pay on your behalf (e.g. Cremation/Burial fees, Clergy/Celebrant fees etc.) and our charges (e.g. Professional fees, vehicles as required, choice of coffin etc.) We only charge for the services that you require and we do not normally ask for any payment in advance. Please feel free to contact us to chat through any concerns or questions that you may have regarding costs or payment, we will be only too happy to discuss this with you.