During this very difficult period J Stamp & Sons remain committed to supporting all bereaved families in the community we have served for over three generations. As ever, our team are here to guide you through this challenging time to help you achieve the best for you and your family, whilst still observing Government guidelines on funerals as detailed below.

In all that we are doing, our main concern is to minimise the risk of transmission and to keep everybody safe. We have made significant changes to our working practices to ensure that we are able to operate safely within social distancing guidelines.

Service venues set their own limit on the number of mourners.

Government guidance also makes it clear that close family who are in high-risk categories or are self-isolating should be able to attend if they wish to.

There is still ‘No Singing’ at any Funeral Services as:

“Activities such as singing, chanting, requiring raised voices or playing of instruments that are blown into should be specifically avoided. This is because these activities pose a possible additional risk of infection even if social distancing is being observed or face coverings are used”.

So what can I expect locally?

  • Numbers of mourners allowed at local crematoriums are:
    Great Glen – 70 (no restriction on number of mourners that can stand outside)
    Kettering – Edgar Newman Chapel – 42 in main chapel, 14 in foyer (30 mourners can stand outside), Albert Munn Chapel 34 in main chapel, 8 in foyer (30 mourners can stand outside)
    Countesthorpe – 54 (30 mourners can stand outside)
    Chairs are spread out in the crematorium chapels to ensure social distancing is observed There is no reduction in the length of a funeral service at any of the crematoriums locally or for a graveside service. It is a requirement that face masks are worn whilst inside the chapel at all crematoriums.
  • Webcast Facilities are being offered by all local Crematoria. These are proving very popular, allowing those unable to attend, to take part remotely from the safety of their own home. We are also able to arrange live streaming of church services where required.
  • Church Services are now available subject to the individual church concerned. The maximum number of mourners in any church will depend on the church. There is still no singing of hymns and face masks are required to be worn.
  • Limousines We are again able to provide limousines for up to 6 mourners. To keep everyone safe, and to comply with social distancing rules, specialist dividers have been fitted to maintain a physical barrier between our drivers and mourners. Face masks must be worn by all travelling within the limousines. You can be assured that our limousines are thoroughly sanitised after every funeral.
  • Funeral Corteges are still regularly happening locally allowing the hearse and cortege to start from the home of the person who has died. We can follow a route where neighbour’s and villagers etc. can stand outside their own homes, paying their last respects, whilst still observing social distancing.
  • Ministers & Celebrants are able to lead funeral services at Crematoriums, Churches and at gravesides in in the usual way.
  • Funeral Arrangements Arrangements at our premises are possible subject to number restrictions to achieve distancing. Our team can also offer alternate arrangements by telephone/email/video conferencing or at your home address.
  • The Registration of Death process has been greatly simplified and can now be completed from the comfort of your own home. For details of this process please click here.
  • Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life can now be arranged for a suitable date and time of the families choice, based on venue specified limits for the number of atttendees.
  • Cremated Remains can be collected from us or retained until such time it is appropriate to collect or inter them. Burials of ashes are being carried out again with a venue specified limit for attendees, usually 30 attendees or above.
  • Floral Tributes continue to be available and can be arranged on your behalf. For details please click here.
  • Printed Orders of Service – are very much available and very popular. We can print additional copies for those unable to attend, or they can be sent electronically.
  • Catering Services – Our in house and outside catering service continue to be suspended, until at least 19th July 2021. Any form of buffet style catering should be avoided during the current period. Covid Secure Venues, with a specified venue limit capacity can now be used for catering services. Catering can be provided by such venues, with table service only, for up to 6 people per table.
  • Chapel of Rest – We continue to have our Chapel of Rest available for viewing by appointment, subject to number restrictions.
  • Memorials – Our memorial business has reopened having been suspended. For those who have outstanding memorial work please bear with us. We will endeavour to finalise any orders as soon as we can.