Taking the decision to plan your own funeral is a simple, thoughtful way to decide on all the details about your funeral now, so there’s no uncertainty and fewer stressful decisions for your family later on. Not only can you save your family the potential anxiety of having to make arrangements they hope you would have wanted, you can also alleviate any financial burden that may fall on others by paying for your funeral in advance, by taking out a funeral plan.

A funeral plan lets you pre-pay for our services at today’s prices. Our costs are then guaranteed, avoiding any potential increases in the future. Whilst we cannot guarantee third party costs, which are outside of our control, we would ensure a sensible contribution based on today’s prices. This is included in the plan and will grow in line with the trust’s growth factor. At J Stamp & Sons we offer personalised prepaid funeral arrangements with the ability to personalise every element of the funeral to your requirements. We’re delighted to be able to offer the peace of mind that having a funeral plan brings.

For Funeral Plan enquiries, please call us on 01858 462524 or email